trusting my gut

When hard changes come and life’s transitions are in front of me, I gotta trust my gut.

Through trusting my gut, I  have come to know these things to be true…

I am the only one who can create real change in my life –  No other being can change who I really am.  Not my parents, family, friends, teachers, or spiritual mentors.  Their guidance might be valuable and even on target with what I want.  But, ultimately, I am the only one who decides to make change and walks down the path to make them happen.  I choose the values, ethics, and goals that are important to me.  I decide who I am.

The more I practice acceptance, the more I learn my true nature –  Evolving on my life path means accepting my feelings, thoughts, and actions, regardless of my comfort or edginess with them.  I discover that fears, joys, anger, concern, compassion, disgust, surprise,  and every other emotion are part of my journey.  I am learning to sit with a feeling and then move on, letting them go, the good and the bad.  As I awaken, I discover that experiencing all feelings as they arise is my true human nature.

I must make choices consistent with my inner beliefs The decisions I make about transition, changes, choices must be aligned with my values.  Honesty, integrity, service to others, self compassion, open mindedness, diversity,  acceptance…these are just a few I honor. When I am clear about what values are important to me, the decisions become easier to make.

To discover what really drives me, I must be willing to look carefully at the beliefs I hold.  If I truly dig deep,  I can come to observe the beliefs I hold about myself, whether they are beneficial or detrimental to my life. Once I come to know these beliefs, I can change them.  I have worked hard to change my beliefs, my thoughts, and actions, when it clearly benefits me to do so.  This is my basic spiritual practice.  Through this process, I have learned that I am worthy and that I belong.  Now, I strive to live my life accordingly.

What truths have you discovered on your life path?

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