make your life manageable

Managing your life can mean…

finding your keys, getting to places on time, finishing projects, focusing on what you’re doing, solving problems.

We all need to function in this life.  The challenge is when you hit a roadblock, you get stuck or sidetracked, overwhelmed. Planning things might be a big challenge.  You may not really know what steps to take to push forward.

The challenge can show up at your work desk, the kitchen counter, the garage, or your clothes closet.  If you are unaware of how YOU function in life, it can be quite a challenge to accomplish what you want or to figure out how to get from A to Z.

Here’s the good news…it is possible to create a system that is for-you and by-you and allows you to function in the way that YOU work.  It’s not a cookie cutter approach. It doesn’t often work to follow someone else’s method.

It’s about leveraging your strengths.  Learn to recognize methods you may already use or approaches that match how you think and process. No one else knows more about how you think than you do!  When you bring an awareness to the learning process and a mindfulness to the follow through, you allow a shift. I have seen this work for many people of all ages, including individuals who live with attention disorders and learning difficulties.


are a powerful combo for making change!

I should mention that this is not for everybody.  You figured there was a catch, right?  Really, the only hitch is that you have to be ready and willing to do the work.  I don’t want to be misunderstood when I say this.  I am empathetic to the challenges many individuals are up against when trying to accomplish tasks, stay on track, or keep focused.  I live with an undiagnosed learning disability that puzzled me for years. The challenges are real and the barriers are not for a lack of trying.  Far from it.  However,  there is the reality that someone needs to be ready by their own accord, regardless of the wishes of their family, partners, teachers, or friends. There has never been a time in professional career that someone has made a change if they were not personally invested.  Willingness and commitment are essential.

As a coach and educational specialist, I have guided many people to leverage their strengths and create personal systems, RESULTING in a more manageable life. I can help you too. 

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