life and death – where science and spirit collide

exploringFor much of my life, I have been exploring how life works…the source of our lives and how we express it through our bodies. This exploration presses me to search beyond the physical into an energetic realm beyond what seems tangible or acceptable.

I feel like a closeted student of the universe. But here it is, out in the open…

I believe we are energetic non-physical beings playing in physical form!  

This is the stuff philosophy and religions attempt to interpret.  I have always approached this from a spiritual perspective.

So, why the closet?  As a baby boomer, I lived through the rising of the “new age” which many labeled as for “kooks” and “weirdos.”  It was a time of resistance to anything that didn’t fit in society’s controlled and well-protected paradigm.  Although I was certainly not alone in poking around in the astral, it felt especially taboo.  Back then, it was easier to keep these explorations to myself. Now it’s out of the closet and into the streets!

So, why now?  Well, if something like stage 4 cancer doesn’t shake things up, nothing will.  Being told that the cancer in my body is incurable has kicked me into high gear. The obvious issue here is what happens when we die?

What I have come to appreciate over my many years as a student of life is that death is a perspective. Death is a concept. Going in and out of physical form is what we globally and collectively have called “death”.  Most of us were taught to perceive and perpetuate death as the end of our existence.  But I have come to believe it is a transition – not a disconnection from others – merely a change out of physical form.

My grappling with death started long before my terminal diagnosis. I have experienced the loss of loved ones since I was quite young.  In my adult years, I have been honored to witness others dying. In hindsight, I realize some have been mentors with awareness and openness in their transitions.  I found deep appreciation in observing their conscious process.

There have been many teachers over my years that have spoken about our existence in body and in spirit. I listened to them repeatedly as if absorbing every word would enhance my understanding.  I sat and studied with Stephen and Ondrea Levine, Ram Dass, Gary Zucker, and Carolyn Myss.  I have been a student of many western and a few eastern Buddhist teachers such as Sogyal Rinpoche, Pema Chodron, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach, Gil Fronsdal, Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, and the Dalai Lama.  Admittedly, I have been moved by the teachings from non-physical intelligence, starting with Jane Roberts and the Seth Materials, and more recently with Abraham Hicks.  Regardless of the non-orthodox means that their messages have been shared, there is some profound wisdom being expressed.  It resonates with me deeply.

Perhaps what has encouraged me most of all has been science.  I have long been a big fan of quantum theory.  Without fully understanding this academically, I truly appreciate how the nature of our physical world can be explained through this scientific framework. All objects are made of molecules, which are formed from atoms, which are made of bundles called quanta – energy.

We know that energy never dies!  Looks like quantum theory saved my life 🙂

Scientists, like Professor Robert Lanza, have helped to translate how quantum theory relates to the concept of death.  He teaches us to view life and death differently.  He claims that death is an illusion created by our consciousness.  Biocentrism turns our thinking around to realize that it is our consciousness that creates the universe, not the other way around.  Dr. Lanza says about death, “we’ve been taught we die, or more specifically, our consciousness associates life with bodies and we know that bodies die.”  I get giddy with excitement when my spiritual teachings and my respect for quantum theory overlap.

Today’s science has set us  free to embrace that which we know deep down to be true.

We now know through studies and research the big role energy plays in our lives.  We can measure the effects of meditation on the brain.  We can detect the impact of positive energy on our immune system.  Our nervous system can be soothed by consciously focusing on positive emotions.  We can change our beliefs and habits through consciously altering our brain activities. Death is a not an end of life, but an energetic shift from physical form.

I am not afraid of death. I know it to be a transition. I exist as non-physical energy and use my physical body as a tool to experience life through the stimulus of senses… taste – sight – hearing – touch – smell.  When I “die” I will no longer use my Bridgett body, but will continue to “live” as the energy-based consciousness that I am.

These are no longer the ideas of a kook, eccentric, new-age weirdo. My worlds of spirituality and science have collided.

you mustn’t be afraid of death
you’re a deathless soul
you can’t be kept in a dark grave
you’re filled with God’s glow

– Rumi


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8 Responses to “life and death – where science and spirit collide”

  1. Glo Webel says:

    Bridgett, Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom… I can relate so personally to your spiritual quest and journey – you say it so well…As we find ourselves in these “Interesting Times” your perspective and those teachings and teachers you sited are a great comfort to me…I’m so glad our energies chose to be in our bodies on this planet at this time together to be able to be friends in our physical forms. Hugs and love to you always, Glo

  2. Sue Eisenberg says:

    So nice to hear someone echoes my beliefs. My husband reads all the heavy duty quantum physics, Bruce Lipton, bioenergetics … I prefer the more accessible Louise Hay, Abraham, Deepak Chopra. But they all say the same things just in different ways. And you’re right, Bridgett, the science does back up the spiritual teachings. It helps me enormously. I have no fear of dying (just pain!) and am at peace with whatever the universe has to planned for me.

    Thank you for sharing your though.

    • Bridgett says:

      Hi Sue – I am with you on the pain issue. Hopefully, I will be able to put my mindful practice into play if the time comes that pain dominates my days.

  3. Brook says:

    Thankyou so much Bridgett.
    I am not new to this way of thinking as my Mother encouraged me to read “Seth Speaks”but I was too young and oh so busy:) to grasp the teachings of Seth or what my Mother was trying to tell me. I am glad she viewed her death as a transition, as I now do. I wish I could have told her I understood her as I now do.
    Much love to you.

  4. Bridgett, this feels like an anthem of freedom. Since my husband’s death, I’ve often asked him inwardly, “Where are you?” From the side of life and body, there is something separate and drastic about death. From the side of death, I don’t know. I haven’t been there. From what I’ve witnessed, it feels like we are going somewhere with strong intention. There is a destination and the body/spirit made a choice to leave one world for the other. You would have enjoyed knowing Vic, a physicist who loved and wrote about quantum mechanics and also about spirituality and how the two meet.

    • Bridgett says:

      Thanks Elaine! You are right about people dying with strong intention. Makes me so curious…although I don’t mind waiting my turn 🙂 I also have a feeling I would have enjoyed Vic as I have enjoyed our connection.
      Best to you

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