good can come from hard times

Sometimes life deals us hard stuff.  Changes, transitions, loss, grief. When I tackle these difficult, sometimes painful aspects of life, good things can come of it.

I  don’t mean that it doesn’t hurt to lose a relationship, or it isn’t stressful to make changes in our work or homes.  It doesn’t mean we don’t have fear when illness come knocking on our door.  This is what is involved in being human.

I just spent the last 9 months going through chemo to beat back the cancer discovered in my body.  Talk about change!   Changes in my energy.  Changes in how I am seen in the world.  Changes in how I perceive my strength and determination .  I have changed the ways how I live my days.

Interestingly, really good things have come from these hard times.  

I have learned to open my heart. I take  more risks. I am learning just how strong I am. I have opened to the generosity and kindness of others.  I witness my friends soften in their interactions with other people. These are treasures found deep down in change, tangled in loss, dwelling in grief.

If you choose to dive in,  they are there for the taking and they are exquisite.

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