Re-examining Your Life!

Re-examining our lives is an exercise in trust, persistence, and courage to allow ourselves to move beyond life’s sucker punches.

Re-examining is NOT about what happened, it’s about WHAT’S NEXT! Explore a new path. Redirect from dead ends. Learn by discovery.

Many of us have gone through life altering experiences. An accident, a death, an illness throw us into a tailspin. When traumas and tragedies take center stage, there is just no way to sustain life, as we know it. We are not always able to return to how things had been. By re-examining your life, you allow room for personal transformation. You enhance and expand your options for moving forward.

Re-examining your life. An empowering exploration, indeed.



Manage Your LifeMake it happen!

Managing your life can mean
…finding your keys
…getting to places on time

…finishing projects
…staying focused on what you’re doing
…making and completing a plan
…solving problems

The challenge comes when you are stuck, sidetracked, or overwhelmed. Challenges can show up at your work desk or kitchen counter, or just when you get inspired to take on that project you always wanted to do.

If you are unaware of how YOU function in life, it’s hard to accomplish what you want or how to get from A to Z.

Here’s the good news…
It is possible to create a system that is for-you and by-you and allows you to function in the way that YOU work. It’s not a cookie cutter approach. It doesn’t often work to follow someone else’s method.

Managing your life is about leveraging your strengths and learning to recognize methods you may already use or approaches that match how you think and process. No one else knows more about how you think than you do!

When you bring awareness to the learning process and mindfulness to your follow through, you allow a shift. I have seen this work for people of all ages, including individuals who live with attention disorders and learning difficulties.

Self-Awareness and Mindfulness are a powerful combo for making change!

As your coach, I will help you have a more manageable life.


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