asking ourselves the right questions

What links me to my authenticity?

What is my source of power and potential?

What do I say when a friend is grieving?

How can I serve?

How do I transform my thoughts into right action?

Where in my body do I feel my flow of energy?

Am I trusting my gut?

What kind of day do I want to create?

Who have I called on to cheer me on?

Have I created a peaceful moment today?

What are my building blocks for a good day?

Am I living from my heart?  How do I know?

Do I recognize my genuine self when I see her?

Do I recognize the love being offered to me?

Do I appreciate the enormity of a small simple act?

Do I have unfinished business?

Is there something I need to express today?

Am I true to myself through my actions and my thoughts?

Am I stuck in old patterns and habits?

What commitment am I living up to today?

Am I willing to give up hardship for what is possible?

Did I make a bond with another being today?


Please share the questions that you ask yourself…

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