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strength through surrender

Thinking of gaining strength through surrender must sound paradoxical.  It’s counter intuitive to think of surrender as an asset.  Yet, surrender is more than handing over one’s power. Surrender, when invoked from deep within, inspires acceptance, creative solutions, and resolution without struggle.  We all have gone through times of significant change.  Maybe it has manifested as […]


chronic and inevitable

I have been trying to put my finger on why I am obsessed with recurrence.  Maybe it’s not so weird for someone with cancer, but, hey…I’m new at this. But why would I be antsy to have a recurrence come sooner than later?  What’s up with that?  It’s not that I am hopeless, or depressed.  It’s more […]


awakening to vulnerability

I am going to take a risk here. You are likely to see me as vulnerable. Until recently, I didn’t know that vulnerability was a quality to aspire to…now I am so relieved!  My awakening to vulnerability is a gift from Brené Brown. (See below for more about her.)  I am deeply grateful for her […]